Darcy’s invitation

Dear Mrs Dill

I am writing to you to tell you that I recognise your work at the swimming centre, your pools are the cleanest I’ve seen in years. I also really enjoy frequently visiting the children’s leisure area with my cousin Robyn (she loves it). Knowing that you work so hard in what you do I am going to invite you to a party being hosted at my house. There won’t be more that forty people there. They are all mostly neighbours. It will be on the 24th of January, I really hope you can come.

You’re sincerely
Darcy Palmer

Asher’s invitation

Dear Mr and Mrs Donkey,
Considering you are our neighbor(s), I would like to formally invite you to our dinner party we are having, to celebrate Husband turning Forty. Frequently, we would ask you to come to our home for this occasion, but we have booked a special table at the leisure centre’s cafe. We would be sitting at a private table, so hopefully you could recognise us at our table. Make sure to dress in a formal atire, for if you do not, it would be a bit awkward because most of us will be dressed up.
Sincerly, Asher.