Katie’s 100 WC

Sun-rise, it’s the most eye opening, beautiful part of the day- unless your sister um well let’s say unless your sister disturbs you.
“Onna!” cried Anna, ” lets go play,” she excitedly added
“It’s 6:00am!” I angrily replied
“But…” Anna started
“But no,” I finished
My eyes slowly shut. No should was herd.
“Do you want to find some chocolate eggs?” Anna asked
My eyes opened.
We rushed down the stairs. As the back door sung open, Anna casted a curious eye towards the bush: she had found an egg!But I couldn’t find the egg which she had saw, but how can that be?


Daisy’s 100WC

Today was our SATS tests and my maths was dreadful; I always finish early so I slowly worked through the questions. Ten questions in and I was stuck, but I thought I had enough time to carefully go through it. Ten minutes left, still stuck at question 10. 13 questions ahead of me. I was against the clock. Five minutes left. I had finally finished. Thirteen questions in five minutes no way was I going to get all those done in five minutes. That’s twenty three seconds per question! I panicked it wasn’t possible. Three, two, one. Time was up; I had lost twenty three marks.

Mrs Rontree’s 100 Word Challenge

It was my first day off work in months and I had a million and one jobs to do. I had to drop the children off at school and the clock started then. I had a list to complete and tea to make before the school run at 3.20. I started with cleaning the house and vacuming. After what seemed like an eternity with my rubber gloves on It was lunchtime. After a quick bite to eat before heading to the bank. I almost gasped as I entered the bank and saw the queue .I hadn’t even done the food shop…..but I thought I had enough time……

Mrs Gillespie’s 100 Word Challenge

The alarm let out a piercingly shrill beep and I woke sharply from my fretful sleep. I had been late going to bed and today was not going to get any easier. I had worked diligently into the night ticking off jobs on my list; only a couple more to do and then I could relax. I looked sleepily across to my phone; it was flashing at me – what now…? I reached out and looked hesitantly. I knew instantly that today was not going to go well, but I if I was quick, I thought I had enough time…

Mr Shaw’s 100 Word Challenge

‘What was that noise’ said Joe, ‘I am not sure’ said Daz. Just then there was a loud noise and a ticking bomb timer had started to go off. ‘It’s armed. What shall we do’… but I thought I had enough time… ‘2 seconds left. Let’s get out of here before it blows’. ‘We will never get out in time. Let’s find some place safe to hide’. (BOOM) ‘Joe. Joe – are you ok?’…

Miss Arnold’s 100 Word Challenge

The jolly jingles were set up and the adverts all scheduled – all I had to do was choose the music. Only two tracks. Christina Perri, followed by The Kaiser Chiefs: 7 and a half minutes. Two of my favourites. Just enough time to pop to the toilet and grab a coffee. Toilet visit achieved. First gulp of coffee and, mid brief chat with colleague, then suddenly: “Quick! Kaiser Chief song is finishing!”. As I made it back to the studio I heard the final line “I predict a riot”. Nearly lost control…but I thought I had enough time. Guess not!