Daisy’s 100 Words

Dear Diary 20.7.13, Australia

Today something terrible happened today; I’ll tell you what I had my heart in the mouth. I walked Millie (my Aunts dog) to the lake behind my Aunts house, when I heard a rustle in the overgrown bush then I saw a green snout. Maybe I was dreaming but then I pinched myself and no I wasn’t dreaming, I screamed but that didn’t help because the snout belonged to a crocodile so it chased after me, my heart was beating incredibly fast, luckily I managed scramble up my Aunts stairs safely home.



Holiday 100WC

Welcome to the first holiday prompt!

The dates for the holiday prompts are : #1 = July 21st #2= Aug 4th #3= Aug 18th


The first prompt is:

….my heart was beating incredibly fast…

Don’t forget to really think out side the box to make your writing really creative. Do go and visit other pieces and leave supportive comments. That is how we learn and get better.

The link will stay open until 3rd Aug so you have plenty of time.