Daisy’s note home

Mrs Gill
Today we had a small incident in class. Daisy was desperate to read a book that she started to read the dictionary. Out loud to the class, she read a number of words and their meanings. Her first word was amateur, she read the meaning ‘a person engages to a perceptual thing mostly sports.’ Curiosity got the better of her for sure. While reading the dictionary, she came across a word that interested her. When she came running over to me and asked me what ‘number 2’ means, I told her it is another word for poo. Once I told her she ran out of the class room feeling embarrassed. Your child is crazy.

Mrs Taylor.


Amelia’s letter home

Dear parent/guardian

Your child has been a complete distraction to the class; she said she knew how to spell every single word in the world, so she ripped every dictionary in the class. When I told her to go next door she threw a huge tantrum. Later on in the day, she said she was desperate for chocolate but I said no. She then said I am going to start my curiosity, which made no sense what so ever. Your daughter is a total embarrassment to the whole class. She is a complete amateur during lessons
Yours sincerely
Miss Ardito

Sam’s note from Mrs Taylor!

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I have written you a letter to inform you your child is disgraceful. Only the other day, I was completetly embarassed by his rowdy behaviour. It took place in our PE session when he whipped off his shirt and charged round the hall. Also, his curiosity led him into some unexpected outbursts. For instance, when we were speaking about dogs, he shouted out a fact about cats which he had learnt. This child’s amateur behavior has made me desperate. Yesterday I found him reading a dictionary. Upside down! I hope you will attempt to fix his problems or I’ll rip my hair out!

Mrs Taylor

Callum’s note home

I’m writing to you about your Childs disgraceful behaviour; because of the curiosity of the inspectors, they came on our trip to the Odeon and we were extremely embarrassed as they witnessed some horrible behaviour. We are underrated in our schools expectations and look like amateurs because of your child, when we saw the advert for peppa pig come on to the screen Callum started screaming. He was desperate to watch that film and started running around acting like a pig going oink making his friends laugh!On the good side Callum has been using the dictionary for his spellings.