Iona’s Bus Chatter

“Hello!” said Lucy, “Fancy seeing you here. Last time we met it was in a familiar place. So, what have you been up to recently?”
“Well,” I replied “I have been catching up with X-Factor, I haven’t watched it in a long while! Have you?”
“Yes, I have and I think that Sophie Sillington shall win, she ha an especially good voice and she’s so young. She definitely deserves it.”
“I agree but you cannot persuade me to not vote for Joe Messingborough!” I replied, “He has so much personality, he’s mischievous and he is the committee of my favorite band!


Harry’s Bus Chatter

“Hi Joe!” exclaimed Olly fiddling through his bag with a mischievous smile fix on his face. “Hello Olly,” spat out Joe, his dislike flowing like a river through his words.
“Hey, are you still mad about me persuading you to open that box, I didn’t mean it to happen,” Olly said calmly with a familiar sly voice. “Anyway, have you heard…the committee has tried to get us a new skatepark at the bottom of the hill? It’s gonna be made out of concrete which is especially good for scooters.”
“Well done, you finally know something,” Joe muttered under his breath sarcastically. “What else do you know?”
“Well I know that…oh, you said that sarcastically didn’t you!” said Olly in annoyance, turning away and walking up the aisle.

Becca’s 100 words

Christmas recount,
This Christmas was definitely excellent! We did lots of amazing things! We had a great opportunity to visit Disneyland Paris. Arriving at France, we expected lots of French, but all most every French person knew our language. The environment of this seemed very friendly!

We travelled on different vehicles, a car and a ferry!
After we got home, we immediately went straight to bed ( it was 11:00pm) thinking tomorrow was Christmas! On Christmas, we went to Newcastle for 2 nights; there we went to see the community choir sing! By the twelfth song, something unfortunate occurred… It started raining heavily, we were outside, one of the members slipped and hit there head. There was most likely a bruise!

We did spend Christmas at home but these were some of the other things we did!

Owen’s spooky diary

I took one slow step… The door flung open a voice spoke it said
” put your signature here for money,”. Confuzed, I signed it . When I was parting on my yacht, I felt I had a profession of dacing. But in the corner of my eye I saw it. The water swirled into a black hole evryone parting into a grave. It was a like a cemetery. A mans head coverd in a hood appared infront of me. I screamed for help. But everyone on the living eath was dead but me. It was a privilage to kill you said a vocie the sameone. Then I woke.

Becca’s letter to Santa

Dear Father Christmas,
HELLO! It’s me again! By the way, I achieved my thing I asked for last year, a trophy. Not to cause a hindrance, I would like to ask you a few questions…
I know your ancient, and your identity is secret, do you have a secret symbol, I’ve wanted to know?
Also, is it possible for you to lend me a yacht and let me have a profession so I can be an individual? You must guarantee me or I’ll have to interfere, not to harass, sorry If I’m taking this to privilege. By the way, I am writing this in a cemetery, that’s not really necessary; please leave a signature for me! I left a reindeer a vegetable, and I hope you don’t get stuck because of your stomach; I’d have to call a soldier.