Daisy’s myth

Ever heard of the disastrous competition? Well now you will. Years ago there was a competition in the House of Commons. Aggressive fighters fought for themselves trying to develop their skills and knowledge . The aim of the game was to find out who was the smartest Held among these games was a witch planning to cast a spell to make her the smartest but she cast the wrong spell and she forgot the answers. “Maths” she shouted across the room. The aggressive fighters decided the competition should be called maths. “Schools should teach maths!” they exclaimed “The world should learn maths” they agreed. Every Friday in the House of Commons controversy surrounded the subject of maths. It was finally agreed after much debate that it should be taught in schools. That’s how maths came to lif


Phoebe’s myth . . . .

Trolls are so aggressive. Whenever a pixie was found bathing, it caused controversy all over the neighbourhood. They would have a war for the sake of being dirty. Once they even won, but it was disastrous. I was holding my nose for weeks. But you can hardly blame them. I mean, why would anyone want a bath? They have developed a nasty skill of sensing the clean without even peeking.
Sometimes I see them having their annual muck competition. I wish I could join in, but I’m human so I can’t. Plus, my mother would NEVER let me. I hate baths.

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Sam’s myth

A heated competition had gained everyones attention in London. Arthur gasped in awe as he viewed Sir Kay fending off his aggressive oppenent with the famed sword which the young boy had recently snatched from an anvil. The sword had been stuck fast in the rock for ages, therefore retrieving it was a tremendous feat. Removing it created some intense controversy between the Council (the rulers) and people. Although some of the Council were persuaded to stay as common people, others ran off and created a fighting force to face Arthur. This was disastrous. Arthur decided that he would develop his own army to counter them.

Ellie-Mae’s day

Dear diary
Today we went on a school trip to Parliament , two people were a nuisance and were messing around and interrupting the speakers but then there was a strike of lightning that made everyone jump.
After that there was a competition where we had to name as many MP’s as we could; it was extremely difficult. Seven people got none and started to get physical. But then they got a punishment and had to stay after school, they were disappointed because they missed the fair.
I had a great day and I enjoyed visiting London.

Rebecca’s diary entry

Dear Diary,

This evening, walking back from school, it was tipping it down with rain. I’m a nuisance; I didn’t even bring a coat, so my hair was getting soaked. Sometimes I wish I had just a little more luck. As I walked into my house, I sat down with a tiresome sigh. My after school Physical Education (PE) was in 1 hour. To pass time I watched the lightning strike the ground. Interrupting me, a news flash had appeared on our TV screen. It was a member of parliament speaking. I listened. He said I ,I, had to make a speech tomorrow!

Sam says . . .

Dear Diary,

Today, Parliament were facing the fact that Scotland might become independent. Personally, I vote no. Maybe a war erupted between them and another country. It would be chaos. Not to mention physical combat which claims many victims. And think how much of a nuisance it may be for Scottish jobs, for they would have to pay for passports. Although there was someone with the guts to interrupt and disagree with us all. After the noise stirred up by this outburst had quietened down, with the help of some lightning, we headed home.

Asher writes . . .

Dear Diary,
Right now I am sitting on my bed writing this diary. Outside I can hear the threatening bangs and flashes of lightning…
Today I visited the parliament on a school trip and a girl called Lily kept interrupting the teacher when she was explaining what not to do. She is a real nuisance. We saw some amazing physical sights. Also I gathered some stones because they looked interesting and were all different shapes and sizes.
My opinion is that it was the best school trip ever! It was so much fun. I really loved it ever so much.