Katie’s 100 words

Every day , I see a funny waved pavement ( I have no idea why it is wavy ) .Suddenly , orange lights flashed repeatedly up in the sky . Crash ! I had tripped over a turtle . What ? Thud . Thud . Thud . Thud . Thud . My heart was beating as fast as a Cheater . Thud . Thud . As my eyes slowly closed , a little turtle waddled towards me . Thud . Thud . All I saw was black : pitch black . Thud . Thud . Gradually , my eyes opened , I saw a turtle ! I fell face first on the floor , my mum glared at me . I jumped up into my mums arms ,at last .


Sam’s 100 words

A few days ago I was walking to my rugby club for a match; it was then that I saw a strange orange tortoise waddling down the pavement on the other side of the road. I then saw another and then another. It was funny how they just kept coming along. Just then, I saw a man walking along side them with a brush and carefully sweeping the golden sand off them. I then realized that they had just come from the beach. I waved at the man but he just ignored me like he hadn’t seen or heard me.

Prompt 29th September

The prompt this week is a little different. You have 5 words and these must be in your 100 words. If you can highlight them in some way so that your readers can see them, that would really be great. The words are:

Funny Orange Waved Pavement(Sidewalk) Tortoise (Turtle)

The link will remain open until 5th October.

New prompt 22.9.13


As usual, you have only 100 words to produce a creative piece of writing. Do read through your work before you post it to make sure you have tweaked those little clerical mistakes like punctuation.

Do make sure you visit at least two other pieces and leave a supportive comment.

Katie’s 100 word challenge

I don’t know much , but I know for sure that parents are annoying . Parents always say no , don’t they ? Any way , I was walking back from school and then I saw a bright light . This mysterious light was at the end of a deep dark shadowy alway ( nothing good happens in always , thats all I know ) .
The next thing I knew , that I was slowly trembling towards this bright light .Then I snapped and ran home . Mum , Could I have a sausage roll ? ” no ! ” mum shouted back . See I told you all parents say is : no ! No ! No ! That’s all parents do .

Ella’s 100WC

Fishing isn’t really my thing – I have never given it a go, mainly because of what happened to my Uncle. I guess one would call it a ‘fisher’s incident’! For as he sat by a lake, rod in one hand, my Uncle caught a fish as huge as Henry VIII – pink and fat as can be. He felt awfully pleased with himself as he began to reel it in, but it wasn’t in the mood to be caught and tugged him into the depths of the lake. My Uncle considers himself lucky to survive, after what happened to aunt Maud.

Ceri’s 100WC

One day on the way to summer school (a school for magical people) there was a problem! A large, leafy green, scaly monster attacked the coach –seizing it with his long grappling tentacles…We screamed! “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!” “We are DOOMED” someone shouted, and then I saw a bright light. “ATTACK WITH FIRE,”I YELLED. Suddenly the air was full of fire bolts and hope; soon enough the monster got hit and he fled. Every one cheered and the journey continued safely, until they came to an old, rickety bridge. The coach stopped. “Oh no, what shall we do? We might never get to school now…”