The Musomic 100WC

This week we have a very special prompt. As you can see, it is a story told as a comic and you have to write the next chapter! The rules are in the picture below.
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Watch the slide show for the images to inspire you . . .

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What will you write?


Katie’s 100 Words

Dear friend ,

I know you are struggling , so I am writing to give you a bit of hope .

You are doing great .

Keep on going , you are so strong ; don’t give up now. Soon it will all be alright , before you know it , your life will be fine .

Don’t worry , help is on its way . You are my friend no matter what happens and people are there for you .

Stay strong .

Don’t give up.

You’re doing great .

A big warm hug ,

your friend .

Daisy’s 100 Words

A Letter in a Bottle,

to give hope,

a Letter in a Bottle,

to help those cope.

A Letter in a Bottle,

to give support,

a Letter in a Bottle,

for those who fought!

A Letter in a Bottle,

I hope you get health,

a Letter in a Bottle,

don’t worry about wealth.

A Letter in a Bottle,

for those who need it most,

a Letter in a Bottle,

I promise I won’t boast.

A Letter in a Bottle,

please get there,

a Letter in a Bottle,

to show that I care.

A Letter in a Bottle is what they need right now…

Inspiring New Prompt

As you will all know I’m sure, there has been a terrible disaster in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Whole towns have been destroyed and thousands of people have died. Many children will have lost their homes and parents.

The Disasters Emergency Committee here in the UK has set up an appeal to raise funds to help. World Vision is charity that is working with the DEC and they have set up a project called ‘Bottles of Hope’. This is an appeal for people to fill a water bottle with coins and send them what they save.
They have been in touch with 100WC and have asked if we can help. They know that words of support can really make a difference to people who are having a really rough time so this week’s prompt is to write:

A Letter in a Bottle

Send some encouragement and hope to those children in the Phillipines so that they have the strength and courage to carry one. As usual, it is only to be 100 words long.


Maisey’s 100wc

Remembering the past, it whisks me away. Almost trapping me in sorrow and sadness. It waits for me,then it pounces. Always the same memory’s, always about my brother. I am playing on the beach, my brother and I together, laughing like hyenas. We run towards our mother, who is smiling broadly. Then he is helping me with my difficult school homework, I looked up and he smiled down encouraging. We are riding through the forest, on our new bikes, he is shouting at me to watch as he jumps over a log. He is waving as he disappears….of to war.

Alice’s 100 word challenge

Remembrance day is very special and sad to me because my great granddad before he died worked as a policeman in WW2. My granddad worked in the navy but now he is retired. My dad words in the Royal Air Force. My mum works with a charity called SAFFA that help people that have lost friends and family whilst the wars were on or other very bad incidents. This remembrance day tells me to remember others that are not just in my family but others that have lost friends or family. This is why remembrance day is so special to me.

Katie’s 100 Word Challenge


The string method
The string method is what people used when we did not have iPads or iPhones or laptops .You use the string method , to remember things ; you think of what you need to remember then tie a knot in the string then when you think you have forgot what you need to remember , you look back and then it reminds you.

Locational memories
Locational memories are memories that come to you when you are in a certain location.

How we remember now
We rely on devices to remember us of things , we use alerts to remind us .