Jack’s complaint

Dear Game of Lincoln

Today, I went to your store. I wanted to buy the brand new game FIFA 15. I told all my friends that they should come and play together. Your store made me look really awkward. I opened the case and the disc was made out of cardboard. Do you think this is very necessary? I could have been playing with my friends but this is a hindrance. I guarantee there must have been a mix up. You don’t know how much my friends have tried to harass me because they think I’m lying.

You sincerely

Jack chambers


Sam’s complaint

Today has been disgraceful. I now live in America and I went online and ordered a football however, when it arrived it was in a diamond sort of shape? THIS IS A HINDRANCE!!! I swear amazon is harassing me. I guarantee I shall march into their warehouse and declare a refund with a free NORMAL football! When I got there, they claimed this was totally unnecessary as in America their ‘football’ is England’s ‘rugby’. Well. This was awkward.

Bradley’s 100 words

Some stores!!!

Don’t you find it a hindrance when you order something that guarantees 2-5 day delivery and it takes 3 weeks? God, it happens to me ALL THE TIME with YOUR service. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I was quite harassed when my onesie didn’t arrive in time for my party, I WAS THE ONLY PERSON WITH OUT ONE (yeah, awkward). Then there was the birthday present for my friend, I found it necessary to go out of MY way just because you couldn’t deliver something on time! Unless I get my money back, I am NEVER using your service AGAIN.

Iona’s 100 Words

Dear School Governors,
This letter of complaint is all about the hot dinners I witnessed today at school.

At exactly 12:20, I was horrified to find my dinner, which didn’t look aesthetically pleasing, harassing me. I find this a large hindrance, and I don’t think its reaction towards me was necessary. I believe that if I were to complain to the creators of this meal, it would be awkward; instead may you, as the governors of the school, complain.

Unless you guarantee me an apology, I shall not eat with the school’s services. I am thankful for your time,

Rachel’s complaint

Dear the door factory.

I feel this is necessary to complain about our front door. When we close it, it keeps opening and when we open it, it closes and locks us in. It is very awkward .I don’t mean to harass you but this is a real hindrance. I do guarantee that you can give me my money back or give me a refund on that thing. Also it is nearly Christmas and I have organised a party and I want to have it fixed by then. When you have found a solution please email me back. Thank you.

Charlie’s complaint

For some reason, my curved TV curved the wrong way! I mean it’s just a TV but I need a break sometimes so let me have one. They say I can just turn it around but that’s not necessary. I guarantee that it will be simple if you just say “all right old chap (don’t say ‘old chap’ though), we’ll sort it out” Stop making this problem more awkward and do something. This hindrance is getting out of hand and your just harassing me around. I will ring the police if you don’t get me another curved TV (pretty please!).

Daisy’s complaint

Dear government

I think it is necessary to complain about the awkward situation due to my toilet. When I flushed it water spat up. Poo got everywhere. Then it came to life and started to harass me. “This is what you did to me look, look” I felt sorry for a toilet. Every night I have lived with this is frustrating. He is very hindrance. I guarantee you will give me a new one now

Please think about this
Sincerely Daisy