Owen’s spooky diary

I took one slow step… The door flung open a voice spoke it said
” put your signature here for money,”. Confuzed, I signed it . When I was parting on my yacht, I felt I had a profession of dacing. But in the corner of my eye I saw it. The water swirled into a black hole evryone parting into a grave. It was a like a cemetery. A mans head coverd in a hood appared infront of me. I screamed for help. But everyone on the living eath was dead but me. It was a privilage to kill you said a vocie the sameone. Then I woke.


Becca’s letter to Santa

Dear Father Christmas,
HELLO! It’s me again! By the way, I achieved my thing I asked for last year, a trophy. Not to cause a hindrance, I would like to ask you a few questions…
I know your ancient, and your identity is secret, do you have a secret symbol, I’ve wanted to know?
Also, is it possible for you to lend me a yacht and let me have a profession so I can be an individual? You must guarantee me or I’ll have to interfere, not to harass, sorry If I’m taking this to privilege. By the way, I am writing this in a cemetery, that’s not really necessary; please leave a signature for me! I left a reindeer a vegetable, and I hope you don’t get stuck because of your stomach; I’d have to call a soldier.

Charlie’s diary

Dear diary, today (on an artic mountain), I had the privilege to go sledging. Up and down, I went so fast but one time, I crashed into an abandoned cemetery. I saw loads of signatures on an ancient paper. I found this really strange and went to tell my parents. They had a cheesy grin on their face and pushed me down the mountain (on my sledge of course). On the way home, we took a yacht. I heard people talk about the mysterious place I found. They snarled at how unprofessional. I will report back soon.

Becca’s spooky day

Dear diary,
I have a profession as a ghost hunter and I was submitted a mission! I had to visit a cemetery that was on a hidden island called ‘The Island of the Dead!’ It was across a large lake! I seek to know more! I travelled on my yacht; it was yellow and green! Finally, I reached my destination! I walked carefully through the large entrance gates! Beneath my feet lay a letter! It had a signature on it “Marcus Tufrad”! I heard a whisper “I will haunt you Elizabeth!” I’m Elizabeth! OH NO! At least I had ghost fighting tools at my privilege…

Laila’s spooky diary

Dear diary,
I’m writing in you today to tell you about my spooky night last night…

I was wandering through a forest when I came across an ancient cemetery. It had trees surrounding it with their gnarled fingers trying to rip my flesh. As I crept towards the front where their stood a mighty yacht! Then came a sudden grumble as the earth began to shake like an earthquake as zombies rose from the ground! The strangest thing happened as well… one asked for my signature!I felt like I held a great privilege in my hands. This then turned into a proffesion!

Alex’s letter

Dear Santa North pole
2014 10 Dec

How do you cope with the icy temperature? Please my I have a toy soldier.
My I ask does Rudolf like vegetables? I’ve been good this year. Santa can I have yacht?
And may you give me a toy Armey tank Santa how men elf’s do you have?
How do you travel around the wold in one night? And I’m sorry but how old are you?
I will give you a cake to be different so you don’t get bored. And I don’t wont coal.
Good bye.
From Mr Alex Brackenbury thanks bye.