Alice’s 100 Word Challenge

Swaying in the wind my wooden swing started to squeak. Apparently a massive storm was heading our way. Luckily my family had prepared for the storm and had bought lots of food if it destroyed the road to the market. I was very happy because my friend Natasha was staying the night. At 10:00 it was time for bed and because we were so tired we went straight to sleep.
We woke by a nasty spray of salt water right onto our faces. We were all lost. We began to search for my mum and dad, but all we could see was water…


4 thoughts on “Alice’s 100 Word Challenge

  1. What a great start to your story you created such a compelling image it really pulled me in to your story. It didn’t stop there, you give us a cliff hanger of an ending. You obviously worked really hard on your spelling and punctuation; it helps to bring your story alive. Well done.

  2. My body lay flat against the crisp, cold ground. As I wondered what would happen next! Suddenly, from out of a puff of smoke he arose. Flashing lights of rainbow colours blinded me as the phantom and his army of the dead appeared! By the thousands they came marching, luckily the did not see me. Cautiously I shifted over to a blackcurrant bush without a sound. Their black-out faces and rotten skulls were the one thing I hated more than…than…than. As they came round the phantom leader, hiding him in the mist, they grow nearer. Then I slipped away in the distance!

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